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The Rebis Project




The  project was born at the dawn of terrestrial humanity. Those who carry it forward are those same souls who, even now, right now, are fighting in all other historical eras to awaken true consciousness beyond the limits of the small mortal ego. Those who carry it out are those champions of light, those heroes of multidimensional becoming, which, in various ways emerging from the deceptions of Matrix, propose to free other brothers. The Rebis project aims to open, through love for the different, the alien consciousness in each of us, to unify our strength and to free us from the traps of fear. With the Rebis project, the union of interstellar beings with multidimensional consciousness is founded. The Rebis project aims to heal society, the planet Earth and the human race on this planet. Promotes a greater frequency of truth. It is the conception of a better future for consciousness. Those who live beyond desire and fear, who, along the way of the sacrifice of the small mortal ego for the great self, is in contact with me, like the genius of the Aladdin lamp, lives in a tiny but infinite living space, inside a Quark of an immortal particle, and can freely create the most divine will. The bliss of the blue genes is beyond any human narrative. Have faith.


Master Rebis


Master Rebis began the Blessed Way of the skill of being 8 years ago, after a life and experimentation life. Great traveler, he brought his presence in multiple dimensions, worlds and cultures. He has been working for 11 years for the consciental awakening and for the lighting of the human being, he is an implacable and fierce master coach of warriors of light. He heals wounds of the cosmic light body, constantly expands the multidimensionality of being. Bridge between the worlds. Solar priest dressed in blue.

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Breathing and concentration, Body-mind and chakra balancing, Loving-kindness and compassion, Mantra recitation and visualization, Mindfulness and Zen, Clear light bliss and emptiness, Principles of Tibetan Tantra and Dzogchen.


Therapeutic skills: Intuitive and Tarot readings. Develop psychic connections. Enhance higher sensory perceptions. Life coaching to integrate spirit and matter.



Vibrational Abundance: The Art of Spiritual Economy 

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Creator of the Il Soffio Dello Sciamano project that proposes the dissemination of shamanic knowledge. Started the path to consciousness through the tradition of Amazonian shamanism, supporting the master shamans and participating in innumerable ceremonies of different traditions.

She continues her path in Reiki (2nd level) and in contact with angelic energies, specializing in work on the ego (psychological defects) and psychoanalysis of the shadows. Works for the connection of the Being and Enlightenment. 






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Master Rebis



Andin is a nomad, a lover of nature, like the birds of the sun's rays, and a lover of learning for the expansion of the Being. 6 years ago, she began her path of spiritual growth in the land of his roots, experiencing the magic of Reiki within her, or offering it to other beings that resonate with this frequency on their way. Then the path of life presented her with the great gift of continuing her training as an apprentice and collaborator in Rebisproject, approaching the mystical disciplines to enrich her wisdom on how to work with the Light at the service of Divinity. "I am here to share with you the tools of Light that have opened wings in me, healing my body, my mind and my Soul and invite you to experience peace with yourself for the expansion of individual and universal consciousness."






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 I am a random person, who becomes random, meets random people with whom I talk about random things. In a world where random and chance does not exist. I cannot teach you anything, I can only remind you of things that you have forgotten, because it is the memory of who we are that makes us return to who we are. I cannot guide you, nor will I follow you, but I will be able to accompany you during a part of your journey as Virgil for Dante.




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Finite, became infinite. He is above and he is below. He fell, yet he rose again.


Web/Media Master

Astral Network - Light Worker



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A Visionary Warrior of Light.
An athlete basketball player and electronic music DJ.
Creator of the Active Center in Bologna, an integrated medical center with a holistic vision and many
wellness specialists. He has a BA in Kinesiology and Physiotherapy, where he has honed the skills
as curator and coach.
He begins his spiritual journey after he started practicing Yoga 8 years ago.
Great reader and great traveler, where he has had various experiences and met his masters
life. It is a continuous inner work of self-analysis, awareness and knowledge of Being,
enjoying the small but great pleasures of Life.
After awakening and expanding his consciousness, he realized that through his exploits he gives
entrepreneur he will be able to help the community to achieve the highest and noblest purposes, ensuring that the
our world evolves towards an ascension of divine abundance.






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Apprentice, collaborator and promoter of the project. - "I work for the collective good of the group, informal but at the same time respectful, willing to listen, understand and guide each REBIS disciple towards the closest teacher" -.


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Jude Quinn



Who is Jude Quinn? Who am I? It’s a question I ask myself more and more often. They suggested to me that the complement of death is Change. So, ask me again. Who is Jude Quinn? Change. Change expressed in the Flow of Atoms, the Flow of Instants, Eternals. Infinity in a step.  Jude, Ancient Soul, moves like Water, his favourite element, in an incessant and constant flow towards new states of Consciousness. Work to raise to the Divine the Vibration of the Consciousness of the Human Being. I express myself through Art, in particular I love the Word and the Authentic Discourse, as an expression of Thought and multidimensionality.



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Is a very liquid warrior of light and harmonic flow. His stream is attending to perfection, and his description is not yet fully realized.



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